Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Sentimental Journey

"Winter, a lingering season,
is a time to gather golden moments,
embark upon a sentimental journey,
and enjoy every idle hour."

~ John Boswell ~


This is a c. 1902 postcard that I altered from black & white
to sepia tone and pastels. I just love her expression.  Below
is a printable sheet of tags or bookmarks for you ~ enjoy!

"By recollecting the pleasures
I have had formerly,
I renew them,
I enjoy them
a second time,
while I laugh at the remembrance
of troubles now passed, and which
I no longer feel."

~ Giacomo Casanova ~

Where would a sentimental journey
lead you today?

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Dreaming of a Pink Christmas...

 "Blessed is the season
which engages the whole world
in a conspiracy of love!"

~ Hamilton Wright Mabie ~

Here's a list of free graphics &
 used in my artwork:

White clematis
Pink phlox
Scalloped border

*The Graphics Fairy*
Pink rose "La France"
Back of old photograph
Torn paper texture

*The Vintage Moth*
Antique ledger

*Free Vintage Digital Stamps*
Polka dot scrapbook paper

*Lost & Taken*
Book cover texture
Grungy wallpaper texture

*Antique Images*
Handwritten journal page

*Just Something I Made*
Handwritten letter, 1908

*Aquastock on DeviantART*
Gold glitter stock photo

*Lucky Palm*
Angel with pink wings

*Vintage Feedsacks*
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Calligraphy frame

*Vintage Images*
Light pink roses

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Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our Jack O'Lantern...

"It's cold and we are sleepy,
the air is cold and still.
Our jack o'lantern grins at us
Upon the window sill..."

~ Unknown Author ~
My 9 year old daughter created this original artwork!
I transformed her sketch into digital images to share...
so from both of us ~ please enjoy!
 Above, printable bookmarks or tags in brown and orange hues.
They look great printed on cream-colored card stock.

Below, printable bookmarks or tags for kids
(or kids at heart!) to color... this was my daughter's idea.
 Below, an 8.5" x 11" printable sheet of journal or note cards in 2 sizes.
I love the texture and shading on this jack o'lantern.

Here are the free graphics
& sources used in these images:

*The Graphics Fairy*
Torn paper texture

*Shadowhouse Creations*
Softly aged sepia texture

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